January 4, 2011

Eagles Take Break From Nest Building

The eagle pair took a break from nest building today – Jan 4. They each brought one stick apeice then stood in the nest briefly. The […]
January 2, 2011

Nuzzle, Nuzzle

Not much nest building this morning. Male brought one small stick, hung around long enough to get a little lovey-dovey from mom, then left. She got […]
December 31, 2010

New Nest Photos 12-31-10

A few photos of the NBG adults eagles in their new nest Dec 31. Male arrived at 6:54 and female at 6:56 this morning. Both brought […]
December 30, 2010

Photos from New Nest Tree Dec 30

I suspect that all the Norfolk Botanical Garden eagle fans are aware that the camera was removed from the 2010 season nest tree yesterday Dec 29. […]
December 26, 2010

Weathering Winter Weather

This morning, Dec 26, we are having a snow storm in our region – for us anything over an inch is a storm – and at […]
December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas from NBG Eagles

The Norfolk Botanical Garden eagle adults wish all their fans a merry and healthy Christmas. Photos taken on “love branch” Christmas Eve.
November 30, 2010

Female Nov 30, 2010

The eagles appear to be working on their new nest this morning. While the camera does not have a view of the new nest, the eagles […]
November 24, 2010

Night Roost in 2010 Nest Tree

For 6 of the past 8 nights, the adult eagles at NBG have sat all night on the front branches of the 2010 nest tree. Last […]
November 17, 2010

Nov 17 All Night Perch

The adults sat all night on the front branches of last season’s nest tree as seen in photos 1 and 2. Then briefly close together on […]
November 16, 2010

Adults on Love Branch Nov 17, 2010

At 3:10 this afternoon the female adult landed on the “love branch” of the 2010 nest tree. At 3:15 the male joined her (web cam photo […]
October 28, 2010

Overnight Roost in Nest Tree

The adults for the past couple weeks or more have been roosting overnight in either the nest tree or the camera tree. Last night both were […]
October 27, 2010

Female Still Has Black Head Feather

Last eagle season one way to identify the female adult eagle at Norfolk Botanical Garden was by a single black feather in the top of her […]
October 27, 2010

Red Sunrise at NBG Oct 27

For the past 4 weeks the two NBG eagle adults have been frequenting the two front branches of the nest tree early in the morning. A […]
October 6, 2010

Adults in Nest Tree Oct 6

Adults arrive at nest tree – love branch – 3:30pm Fly to branches below nest Return to love branch Female up close Male even closer
October 1, 2010

Adults Visit Nest Tree Oct 1

About 6:40 this evening Oct 1, 2010 both of the adult eagles flew to the roost tree together. They only stayed there a couple of minutes […]
September 27, 2010

Adult Eagles in Nest Tree Sept 27, 2010

Both of the adult bald eagles were in the nest tree early this morning, Sept 27, 2010. I believe the male – back branch – was […]
September 9, 2010

Adult Sits Next to Camera 09-09-10

For the first time in a couple months, one of the adult eagles at NBG – female I think – sat next to the camera and […]
September 7, 2010

Adult Eagles in Roost Tree Sept 7

Eagle cam photos of the NBG adult eagles in roost tree on evening of Sept 7. Photo 1 is the male. He was joined by the […]