August 3, 2009

Azalea map July 29 – Aug 2

Azalea has again flown over new territory, but also settled into something of a routine. She is spending less and less time near the nest. At […]
July 31, 2009

Satellite map July 26-31

Azalea has become more active and has visited or flown over new areas around NBG. She has ventured over Lake Whitehurst where it meets Shore Drive […]
July 30, 2009

Juvenile eagle plumage patterns

Earlier today EagleEye asked a question about the tail pattern on juvenile eagles. The question is a broader matter of identification and the coloration of tail, […]
July 27, 2009

No avian pox

Last week the question was asked as to whether this year’s young eagles showed any signs of avian pox. An excellent question considering that is what […]
July 26, 2009

Have HE and HK left?

Azalea (HH) was at the nest and camera tree all day today all by herself (photos). One of the adults brought in a fish about 8:00am […]
July 16, 2009

Satellite map July 11-16

This map covers the period early morning July 11 to early morning July 16. The data points show a much broader territory for Azalea. All three […]
July 3, 2009

HK fledged a month ago

Eagle HK fledged one month ago today on June 3. Here he takes his third flight that day. Today he was at “the dump” on the edge […]
June 25, 2009

Azalea map June 25, 2009

This map shows the movements of Azalea as recorded by the satellite transmitter. She has not been very far from the nest during this period that […]
June 21, 2009

Happy Birthday HK

The first eaglet to hatch this season was on March 21 at 12:30pm. It is the male wearing band HK. He celebrated being 3 months old with […]
June 18, 2009

A “third eyelid”

Last evening while HK was sitting near the camera you saw some very close up views of his eyes. Birds have two eyelids, upper and lower. […]
June 18, 2009

A "third eyelid"

Last evening while HK was sitting near the camera you saw some very close up views of his eyes. Birds have two eyelids, upper and lower. […]
June 16, 2009

Azalea returns to nest – Satellite operations

After two failed attempts, Azalea made it back to the nest. About 4:35 she flew in from the left back of the nest and smashed right […]
June 11, 2009

Hi there! I am HK

Viewers of the WVEC web cam late this afternoon got a special treat. The male eaglet HK sat directly below the camera just 3 feet away. […]
June 11, 2009

Azalea still nest tree bound

As of 11am this morning Azalea (HH) has still not found the “courage” to join her brother (HK) and younger sister (HE) by flying from the […]
June 9, 2009

Very active week

This has been an exciting week for eagle viewers at Norfolk Botanical Garden. About 5:55pm Tuesday June 2 the youngest female HE over jumped and missed […]
May 28, 2009

Branching has begun

The oldest eagle chick, band HK, a male, has begun to show his wing power by making it up to a branch over the nest. Took […]
May 22, 2009

Building flight muscles

May 21 saw the two oldest eaglets HK (the one with all the white feathers) and HH (with transmitter) flapping their wings and jumping from one […]