CCB is interested in any eagle nest that is not currently displayed on the Eagle Nest Locator. We ask that you report nests that are unknown to us so that we may add it to the database and include it in future Annual Surveys. The nests within the online database will be updated periodically. If you have observed a nest that is not documented on the CCB Eagle Nest Locator, please provide us with the following:

  1. Photos of the nest
  2. Map coordinates of the nest
  3. Your observations of eagle activity at the nest (number of eagles and behavior)

Please be aware that bald eagles are sensitive to human disturbance. Human activities around the nest during sensitive times of the year may cause nest failure or abandonment. Map eagle nest locations from a distance. If you have access to the internet, mapping a new nest and deriving its geographic coordinates is easiest using a program like Google Maps.

How to find nest coordinates using Google Maps:
Navigate to in your internet browser. You can use the box in the bottom left corner to switch between “Map” and “Earth” basemaps.

Google Maps map earth view comparison

Zoom into the map until you find the location of the nest tree. Right-click your mouse on that tree and a window will pop up with the coordinates at the top. If you click on the coordinates, they will automatically be copied to your clipboard. Right-click again in your email window and select “Paste” to transfer the coordinates. Email these coordinates along with at least one nest photo and any other observations (number of adults and chicks present, incubating behavior, etc.) to CCB at


Find coordinates in Google Maps
Find nest coordinates by right-clicking the nest location in Google Maps. The coordinates will be at the top of the pop-up window. Click on them to copy to your computer’s clipboard.