Bryan Watts gets photographed with Bald Eagle

Bryan Watts gets photographed with Bald Eagle. Photo by Elizabeth Mojica.

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2017-10-31After tracking more than 15,000 birds, “raptor whisperer" honored with trails at several outdoor areasFocke, C. B.The Virginian-Pilot
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2017-05-08Who killed the bald eagle Camellia? Federal investigators are on the caseVera, AmirThe Virginian-Pilot
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2016-06-21Peregrine falcon chick at Town Center dies after crashing into a windowBarrow, M. R.The Virginian-Pilot
2016-06-20Baby peregrine falcon flew the coopBarrow, M. R.The Virginian-Pilot
2016-06-03South Carolina shoreline vital for spring shorebird synergyDennis, J.Charleston Mercury
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2016-05-22Georgia coast critical for long-distance fliersLanders, M.Savannah Morning News
2016-05-18Eaglet's foot is swollen to twice its normal size from fishing line entanglementBarrow, M. R.The Virginian-Pilot
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2016-04-12Falcon couple waiting for eggs to hatch atop Town Center building in Virginia BeachBarrow, M. R.The Virginian-Pilot
2016-04-08Web cameras offer live bird's-eye view of ospreysDietrich, T.Daily Press
2016-03-31Encouraging signs for an endangered birds return to the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife RefugeBourne, V.The Virginian-Pilot
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2015-11-15In blow to conservationists, county approves Fones Cliffs developmentMiddleton, L.Bay Journal
2015-11-12Luxury resort gets OK for Virginia eagle site; opponents say fight goes onSpringston, R.Richmond Times-Dispatch
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2015-10-30Creating an Eastern Shore Haven for Migrating BirdsFord, T.Eastern Shore Post
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2015-10-14James River showing improvement, report saysSpringston, R.Richmond Times-Dispatch
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2015-03-24Stony Point eagles abandon their nest; another try expected next yearSpringston, R.Richmond Times-Dispatch
2015-03-20Downtown heron colony probably defunct, experts saySpringston, R.Richmond Times-Dispatch
2015-03-18Ospreys have a house warming in new digs at Back Bay refugeBarrow, M. R.The Virginian-Pilot
2015-03-17Richmond has three eagle nests for first time in modern historySpringston, R.Richmond Times-Dispatch
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2014-01-18Birds' migration secrets to be revealed by space trackerVidal, J.The Guardian
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2013-12-31Maryland authorities probe shooting deaths of bald eaglesSomers, M.The Washington Times
2013-11-22Laughing gull numbers drop on Virginia’s Eastern ShoreAssociated PressRichmond Times-Dispatch
2013-11-21Laughing gulls get drowned out on Eastern ShoreTennant, D.The Virginian-Pilot
2013-10-15More herons call area waterways homeDennen, R.The Free Lance-Star
2013-09-30Great blue herons make huge comeback, survey showsSpringston, R.Richmond Times-Dispatch
2013-09-28Local osprey stops over in CubaBarrow, M. R.The Virginian-Pilot
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2013-08-22Purple martin festival to proceed — without the birdsSpringston, R.Richmond Times-Dispatch
2013-08-16She Did Not Die in Vain…Sorenson, L.Caribbean Birding Trail
2013-08-15Watching for WhimbrelsHausman, S.WVTF
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2013-07-26Eagle pairs along James River skyrocketingSpringston, R.Richmond Times-Dispatch
2013-07-26New survey shows bald eagle pairs along James River skyrocketing in VirginiaAssociated PressThe Washington Post
2013-07-09Protecting One of Virginia's Most Endangered BirdsHausman, S.WVTF Public Radio
2013-06-26Eaglet rescued after recent storm destroys nest on Jamestown IslandLangley, C.The Virginia Gazette
2013-06-20Public Observations Requested for Statewide Osprey CensusKaszas-Hoch, J.The Sandpiper
2013-06-19Global warming afflicting birdsSpringston, R.Richmond Times-Dispatch
2013-06-16Peregrine falcon chicks 'rescued' from James River BridgeDietrich, T.Daily Press
2013-06-11VDOT moves nine Peregrine Falcons from local bridgesKnight, M.WTKR NewsChannel 3
2013-06-04Elusive birds get boost from citizen scienceLangley, C.The Virginia Gazette
2013-05-25Protective osprey dries out from the rainBarrow, M. R.The Virginian-Pilot
2013-05-22Shorebirds find a sea of Idaho grassBarker, R.Idaho Stateman
2013-05-20Owners, neighbors split on plan to preserve marshSpringston, R.Richmond Times-Dispatch
2013-05-07Richmond Eagle Cam birds lose one of their 2 chicksSpringston, R.Richmond Times-Dispatch
2013-04-23Hampton Roads Joins the Virginia Aquarium for OspreyWatch 2013 (Photos)Delaney, S.Examiner
2013-04-16Lecture on ospreys at VIMS on ThursdayThe Virginia Gazette
2013-04-15Osprey lecture offered Thursday at VIMSSabo, M.Daily Press
2013-04-12Rare downtown falcons tending five eggs in new nestSpringston, R.Richmond Times-Dispatch
2013-03-29Osprey nest removed from Kingsmill cell towerBill O'DonovanThe Virginia Gazette
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2013-03-14Richmond’s eagle pair, Virginia and James, have two chicksSpringston, R.Richmond Times-Dispatch
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2013-03-08Wanted: Osprey Watchers as Citizen-ScientistsWatts, B. D.Live Science
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2012-12-12Richmond Eagle Cam a no-go for 2013Springston, R.Richmond Times-Dispatch
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2012-12-11Hope the whimbrel will not be tracked any moreLewin, A.Virgin Islands Daily News
2012-12-10Hope Lands in St. Croix for the Winter[Anonymous]St. Croix Source
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2012-11-20Among the eagles: Deadbeat dads, nest intrusions and cheating wivesStevens,
2012-11-19Among the eagles: deadbeat dads, nest intrusions and cheating wivesStevens, L.College of William and Mary: News and Events
2012-11-13Birds-Eye View Of Hurricane Sandy From The Rear-view Mirror [Video]Callari,
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2012-10-10Development boom puts pressure on Panama wetlandsZamorano,
2012-10-09VA SHORE: Hunks of raw chicken rain down on horse farm, strike student riderVaughn, C.delmarvanow
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2012-08-16Whimbrel Fly South Over Deep WaterOgle, J.Community Idea Stations
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2012-08-11Hope the shorebird returns to Eastern Shore. Again.Tennant, D.The Virginian-Pilot
2012-08-03Bald eagles soaring toward recovery in VirginiaThompson, A.Richmond Times-Dispatch
2012-08-02Purple Martins Flock to Va. for Annual Summer StaySzkotak, S.ABC News
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2012-04-08Richmond chicks look healthy; wounded one healsSpringston, R.Richmond Times-Dispatch
2012-04-05Osprey comeback complete on baySabo, M.Daily Press
2012-04-04The Bald Eagles of the James River Exhibition[Anonymous]Discover the James
2012-03-30Eagle wildlife drama turning too tense for someSzkotak, S.The Virginian-Pilot
2012-03-29Bigger eaglet aims butt at sibling and lets it flyBryan, A.WTVR
2012-03-28Larger Richmond Eagle Cam chick wounds sibling; food also a concernSpringston, R.Richmond Times-Dispatch
2012-03-28‘Richmond Eagle Cam’ Baby Chick Wounded (Video)Dawson, J.LongIsland Press
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2012-03-21Life in Richmond eagle nest brutal, naturalSpringston, R.Richmond Times-Dispatch
2012-03-20"Ghost Trees" on the York RiverEdlund, A. W.Richmond Times-Dispatch
2012-03-19Richmond eagle chicks hatch, join resurgent VA populationJones, E.WFIR
2012-03-18Second Richmond eagle chick hatched at 7:31 a.m. todaySpringston, R.Richmond Times-Dispatch
2012-03-18Richmond eagles have a full nest with second chickSpringston, R.Richmond Times-Dispatch
2012-03-182nd chick hatches on Richmond Eagle Cam[Anonymous]UPI
2012-03-16About to hatch, Richmond bald eagle chicks face many threatsRoyal M. and S. KhawajaWTVR
2012-03-14Egg watch enters third daySpringston, R.Richmond Times-Dispatch
2012-03-13First eagle egg could hatch Tuesday or Wednesday[Anonymous]Richmond Times-Dispatch
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2011-11-17A Whimbrel Called Hope[Anonymous]U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
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2011-10-04'Bona Fide Snowbird' Returns to St. Croix for Bird Day[Anonymous]St. Croix Source
2011-09-30Tiny whimbrel braves massive storms on trans-Atlantic flightLewin, A.Virgin Islands Daily News
2011-09-16Shot whimbrels spark demand for regulation of wader hunting in the Caribbean[Anonymous]Birdwatch
2011-09-15Shooting of Whimbrels sparks calls for regulation of shorebird hunting in the Caribbean[Anonymous]BirdLife Community
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2011-01-04Norfolk Botanical Garden eagles build cozy new nestVan Mullekom, K.Daily Press
2010-12-12Retired W&M professor's surveys help save eaglesSpringston, R.Richmond Times-Dispatch
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2010-03-21Virginia webcam keeps eye on eagles' chicks, nestVan Mullekom, K.The Post and Courier
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2009-10-07Yes, there is something fishy about scientists' spying on Bay's
fish-eating birds
Blankenship, K.Bay Journal
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2009-08-12Martins make late return to BottomSpringston, R.Richmond Times-Dispatch
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2009-03-16Vibrant bald eagle population finds a home on the JamesSpringston, R.Richmond Times-Dispatch
2009-03-03Richmond's herons should be fine in snowSpringston, R.Richmond Times-Dispatch
2009-02-24Great blue herons back on the JamesSpringston, R.Richmond Times-Dispatch
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2008-05-01Shorebird researchers to fly over Panama againMcClain, J.College of William and Mary: Ideation Magazine
2008-04-29One falcon chick dies; three eggs fail to hatchSpringston, R.Richmond Times-Dispatch
2007-06-29Eagles, people on a collision pathSpringston, R.Richmond Times-Dispatch
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2007-03-14Eagles Vie with Landowners for Waterfront PropertyShogren, E.NPR