October 6, 2022
Banded male osprey fishing on the upper James River. This bird was banded by CCB in 2012 as a nestling and is now nesting on the same nests where it was hatched. Photo by Bryan Watts.

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January 3, 2013
Workers on a Panama mudflat. Photo by the Center for Conservation Biology.

Students Travel to Panama to Study Birds and Mangroves

Photos and text by Bryan Watts In January 2011 Bryan Watts and Lesley Bullock led a class from Virginia Commonwealth University to the upper Bay of […]
January 3, 2013

Managing the Peregrine Falcon Population in Virginia

January 3, 2013
Using a Loop to Inspect Crown – Bryan Watts uses a magnifying loop to examine the crown of a Red-cockaded Woodpecker chick. This technique is used to look for red feathers emerging in the crown to determine gender when banding.

Banding Red-cockaded Woodpeckers on Piney Grove Preserve