September 12, 2009
Bryan Watts uses a wing ruler to measure the wing chord of a male bird

Success of red-cockaded woodpecker translocations in Virginia

September 11, 2009

Evidence for whimbrel population decline continues to mount

September 10, 2009

United States Nightjar Survey wraps-up third year

September 9, 2009

End of an era: Metompkin peregrine tower removed after 25 years

September 8, 2009
Black rail walking through a salt marsh

Working for conservation and management of the Eastern black rail

September 7, 2009

Tracking whimbrels to tropical wintering grounds

September 6, 2009
adult male bald eagle named Nanjemoy with fish

Conowingo Dam: a great place to view eagles and to resight eagle bands

September 5, 2009

Flexibility of cormorant and pelican diet assemblages

September 4, 2009

Red knot resight data indicates flux between two migration staging areas

September 3, 2009
Birds hang in cloth holding bags waiting to be banded

Investigation of shrubland migrants on the Eastern Shore of Virginia NWR

September 2, 2009

Eagle economics & the social burden of conservation success

September 2, 2009

Eagle economics & the social burden of conservation success

September 1, 2009
A red knot band recovered from peregrine falcon tower on Cobb Island

Conservation in conflict: peregrines vs red knots

May 10, 2009

Winter investigations of sharp-tailed sparrows

May 9, 2009

2009 peregrine falcon breeding season

May 8, 2009
Brown pelican chick just after hatching

2008 Colonial Waterbird Survey Reveals some Species have Declined as Others Exploded in Virginia

May 7, 2009

Whimbrel connections

May 6, 2009

Happy reunion with rehabilitated eagle

May 5, 2009

Virginia Nest Locator Launched

May 4, 2009

Flight of Hope

May 3, 2009
Bryan Watts holds Azalea

Tracking Azalea

May 2, 2009
Bryan Watts uses a loop to inspect the crown of chicks

2009 Red-cockaded Woodpecker record breeding season

May 1, 2009

Impacts of sea level rise on marsh birds

January 14, 2009

Friend & Conservation Partner, George Kinter: World traveler, birder & book collector