DATA Distribution Policy

The Center for Conservation Biology (CCB) provides certain data online as a free service to the public and the regulatory sector. It is not our general policy to provide original or additional datasets. However, there are circumstances in which data sharing is an available option (see below).


CCB welcomes research collaboration with government agencies to produce data to make informed management decisions about avian species of conservation concern. Please direct inquiries to the project contact listed with each dataset or species, or email us at


If your business or organization would like to collaborate with us to produce conservation-related reports, educational materials, or data analyses, please contact the specific project contact of interest, or email us at

CCB encourages the use of CCB data sets in wildlife conservation and management applications. This data is protected by intellectual property laws. All users are reminded to view the Data Use Agreement to ensure compliance with our data use policies. For additional data access questions, contact Marie Pitts at or 757-221-7503.