Courtney Turrin with transmittered Bald Eagle

Courtney Turrin

Research Technician 2013-2015
Graduate Student 2011-2013

Research Background
Courtney collaborated on a variety of projects. In the field, she conducted eagle surveys and raptor banding and nest monitoring programs. In the office, she worked as a researcher, R statistical analyst, and writer/editor. Courtney was also a previous CCB graduate student. Her master’s thesis focused on intraspecific territorial intrusions and nest guarding in Bald Eagles in the lower Chesapeake Bay.

B.S. in Biology, Bucknell University
M.S. in Biology, College of William and Mary

Recent Publications

Watts, B. D. and C. Turrin. 2017. Mapping bald eagle activity shadows around communal roosts: Implications for management guidelines. Journal of Wildlife Management 81:928-937.

Watts, B. D. and C. Turrin. 2016. Assessing hunting policies for migratory shorebirds throughout the Western Hemisphere. Wader Study 123(1):6-15.

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